TWSPartner: The Wilderness Society

Members: Lander Karath and Chad Endicott

With the 2020 election quickly approaching, The Wilderness Society is preparing for a shift in federal agency leadership. Regardless of whether a new administration enters the White House or the current administration adjusts its course, the 2020 transition will create opportunities for the organization’s policy priorities to take hold. The current political landscape presents a unique challenge, however, TWS faces an onslaught of public lands policy fights that give staff limited resources to devote to proactive policy campaigns.

Over the course of 2019, this Capstone Project will outline the necessary strategies to push TWS policy priorities across the finish line. Through champion cultivation, coalition building, stakeholder engagement, and ample research, Masters of the Environment students will create a campaign playbook that hands TWS the necessary tools to take advantage of the upcoming transition. If executed in a strategic, thoughtful, and earnest manner, this project will lay the groundwork for a shifting set of federal priorities that value protection and preservation.