Why can’t I register for classes?

There are a number of possible reasons. First, you are required to meet with an advisor every term. Advising holds are placed each term prior to the next term’s registration. Another reason you may not be able to register for a class is if it has a prerequisite you haven't taken. Holds are also place on student accounts in response to academic probation/suspension or for financial issues.

If you have a hold on your account, you need to have that resolved before we can enroll you in a class, or before you can enroll yourself.

How many classes do I need to be full-time?

The minimum course load for full time enrollment is 12 credit hours. The maximum course load is 19 credit hours. Variation must be requested by petition to the college. After 18 credit hours, a tuition surcharge is applied.

Can I transfer credits from another school?

The University and College of Engineering have established procedures for admission of transfer students and evaluation of transfer credits. These policies are described on the undergraduate admissions website.

However, once you are admitted and transfer credits have been evaluated by the University, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the final evaluation of the application of transfer credits to degree requirements and not all credits that transfer to the university are transferrable as department credit for your major.

It is your responsibility to ensure that transfer credits have been evaluated and approved by the Office of Admissions as well as the MCEN department.

As a transfer student, you should make an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible to obtain final approval of transfer credits. If there is additional information needed, you will need to follow the department petition process to evaluate individual transfer credits that did not initially apply to your degree and supply the appropriate documentation for the petition process in a timely manner.

Transfer credit issues can also arise for current students if you take courses at other institutions, e.g., study abroad programs or summer school at a local community college. If you are planning to take courses at another institution you should seek preliminary approval of the transfer credits before taking the courses, as the petition and approval process can take a few weeks to complete.

What is the minimum passing grade for classes to count toward my degree?

Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2015, the minimum passing grade for prerequisite and co‐requisite classes in our curriculum is a C. This includes courses completed outside the department (APPM, PHYS, etc.). The minimum passing grade for standalone classes is a D‐.

What do I need to graduate?

Failure to complete the requirements listed below will postpone graduation. Any exceptions will require authorization from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Dean’s Office.  It is your responsibility to be certain that all degree requirements have been met, to fill out the on‐line diploma card, and to keep your advisor and the Dean’s Office informed of any change in graduation plans.

To be eligible to graduate, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of the prescribed and elective work in the BS curriculum. You must complete a minimum number of 128 semester hours, of which the last 45 shall be earned after admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA and major GPA of 2.25 for all courses attempted and for all courses that count toward graduation requirements, excluding P grades for courses taken Pass/Fail, as these courses do not count for graduation credit.
  • Successful completion of all Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) requirements.
  • Take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination or an approved alternate professional exam (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or other professional exam) in the fall or spring of your senior year. Graduation is not contingent upon passing, but you must take the exam. However, it is beneficial for your career to do so because this exam is the first step toward professional registration.
  • Complete the Professionalism Requirement as dictated by your requirement term.
  • Submission of a completed Application for Diploma Form, on‐line.
  • Complete College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Senior Survey.

Note: Double degree students must obtain approval of both designated departments and colleges. The University normally requires that a minimum of an additional 30 semester credit hours be earned for the second degree outside of engineering or 15 credits for a second degree within engineering. However, both degree requirements must be completed. Minor students must provide Engineering Dean’s Office with a Minor Completion form to verify minor requirements have been completed.