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Kimberly Fung is a Mechanical Engineering Student Apprentice and a College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Representative to the CU Student Government.

Kimberly Fung
Kimberly Fung

How did you first get involved with CU Student Government?

I've been a co-senator representing the College of Engineering and Applied Science since Spring 2021 in the greater CU Student Government. Student governments have always had a special place in my heart throughout my elementary to high school experiences and I believe that student governments hold the ability and responsibility to represent and support people. 

What are some initiatives you've had an opportunity to work on? 

In my term, I've written several pieces of legislation which include the increase of COVID19 self testing on campus, the definition of a "wellness day" during Spring 2021, and CUSG's support for the Asian American Pacific Islander community through Stop AAPI Hate.

How have your skills as an engineer helped you in working with CUSG?

I think as an engineer I have a unique background to be in a governmental space. I think procedurally and am detail oriented. Student government has also enabled me to practice public speaking, a skill I've only rarely been able to practice in the engineering space. I've been able to gather feedback and improve on this skill, as I've worked on new initiatives.

What advice would you have for other students interested in working or interning in a related field?

The best advice I have is to always look for opportunities to expand your experiences. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to participate in both my technical aspirations in class and political science interests through student government. It has supported me in becoming a more well rounded person and a better engineer.