Published: Sept. 2, 2021 By

Graham BlancoGraham Blanco is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and an ME Student Apprentice.  He interned during summer 2021 with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

Where are you working this summer and what made them stand out in your search?

I have been working for Colorado Space Grant Consortium. As an employee of Colorado Space Grant, I have been contracted to work on a project for Atomos Space. I found this opportunity through the Colorado Space Grant Consortium website and was excited to pursue it based on the innovative project proposal and needs.

What kinds of projects have you had a chance to work on over the summer?

I have been the project manager and systems engineer on a team of six people designing a small-scale orbital transfer vehicle. I have also had the opportunity to lead the team in designing and assembling a space docking simulator. Day to day is usually creating spreadsheets, planning, communicating to peers, status meetings, design sessions, and allocating resources.

How did what you've learned through classes show up in your work? 

Design philosophies and approaches showed up the most for me. Most of the ideas I learned in Component Design regarding component selection were very useful.

What advice do you have for other students interested in working or interning in a related field?​

Make sure to take advantage of the resources around you. Ask for help early and often, but also be willing to work through difficult challenges. Project management involves a lot of human skills and can be very helpful in growing as a person.