Published: Oct. 27, 2020

John Daily

Emeritus Professor John Daily.

Emeritus Professor John Daily was selected to be an NSF rotator, or program director, for the Combustion and Fire Systems Program. He began his new role on October 13. 

"The goal of the Combustion and Fire Systems program is to advance energy conversion efficiency, improve energy security, enable cleaner environments, and enhance public safety," said Daily. "I'm looking forward to having the ability to provide direction in our field by encouraging conversations about the important questions and future needs."

During his two-year commitment, Daily will solicit proposals for research, arrange for a peer review process and make final decisions for combustion and fire systems funding. In addition, he said he will do outreach, so researchers across the country are aware of the NSF's many programs and will mentor young faculty with special attention to diversity. 

About NSF Rotator Programs

The text below can be found on the NSF Rotator Program webpage

The National Science Foundation offers a chance for scientists, engineers and educators to join us as temporary program directors, called rotators. Rotators make recommendations about which proposals to fund; influence new directions in the fields of science, engineering, and education; support cutting-edge interdisciplinary research; and mentor junior research members. 

You can become a rotator either as a Visiting Scientist, Engineer and Educator (VSEE) or as an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignee. While rotators can come on temporary assignment under the IPA program for up to four years, most rotating assignments last one to two years.