Published: Jan. 13, 2020

Christopher Kling is a fifth-year senior and is planning on graduatinChristopher Klingg in May. He grew up in Craig, Colorado and his interests include activities in the outdoors such as camping, motorcycling and playing with his dogs.

Kling's passion for engineering started as a small child building planes and cars out of Legos. Currently, he is working in the Precision Laser Diagnostics Lab where he is helping build a wildfire wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is one-of-a-kind, can tilt to different angles and allows wildfires to be studied under controlled conditions. This will hopefully save the lives of wildland firefighters by helping to predict where and how fast a fire will spread.

Kling is midway through his last year as an undergraduate who is excited to graduate and work in industry. He hopes to go into the aerospace industry, a lifelong aspiration. Kling enjoys studying thermo and fluid mechanics and is also considering going to graduate school for thermo-fluid dynamics.