Published: Jan. 22, 2019

CU Boulder's student-led chapter of ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is reaching new heights this semester. With eyes on the future, mechanical engineering students are not only connecting with their peers but have also started a series of events to build connections between students, faculty, alumni and the mechanical engineering community at large. As the largest and most involved mechanical engineering society at CU Boulder, ASME aims to enhance members' professional advancement and community engagement.

As members launch their careers, ASME offers valuable experiences to set their members apart. ASME has organized industry seminars, tours of national labs and dinners with professors, among other networking events. ASME also focuses on community building outside of industry connections, stressing the importance of building communities and support systems that bring students together. They host events ranging from a barbeque after the Component Design Runoff competition on campus to Pi Day at the Idea Forge to the presentation of awards that recognize uniquely innovative and creative projects at the ITLL Design Expo.

CU Boulder ASME is run by a small team of student officers and is supported by Senior Professional Development Advisor Kat McConnell. In Spring 2019, they will also be joined by Instructor of Mechanical Engineering, Janet Tsai as their new faculty advisor. Every week, the team meets to organize events that help students put professional and interpersonal skills to the test while encouraging a more active and collaborative mechanical engineering community.

"One of our most popular events is an industry panel hosting engineers from diverse backgrounds to share their experience and answer questions for student attendees," says ASME President Spencer Miller. "We are also involved in an array of other student, industry and community outreach projects throughout the year that empower and unite our mechanical engineering community at CU Boulder."

CU ASME continues to expand in both size and influence. With additional members, resources and connections, 2019 is slated to be a productive year. As the team moves forward, they encourage students, alumni, faculty and professionals who share their vision of an inclusive and interactive mechanical engineering community to get involved.

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