Published: Nov. 12, 2018

Amanda Makowiecki skiingAmanda grew up in the land of ‘Live free or die’ where she could be found shooting off fireworks, driving without seatbelts (just kidding, be safe kids) and gazing at the profile of the Old Man of the Mountain (rest in peace).

Amanda now works on developing and deploying diagnostics for harsh environments of all sorts. Over her four years as a Riekerite, she has studied satellite microthrusters, wildland fire, and wind tunnels. In the footsteps of her adviser Greg Rieker, she follows the gospel of the dual frequency comb laser for any sort of measurement, in any environment, at any time.  

When not hovering over pieces of burning wood and playing with lasers, she can be found gallivanting about the mountains of Colorado. Like any good Boulderite, Amanda enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing and hiking. Many have described Amanda as a stone faced hustler, an apt description as she is the reigning champion of Rieker Lab poker night and captain of the intensely competitive beer league softball team ‘The Paddy Whacks’.