Published: Sept. 11, 2018

Fall 2018 incoming class state representation

The incoming Fall 2018 Mechanical Engineering class represents students from 24 states shown on the map above in gold.

Welcome new and returning students! With the Fall 2018 semester underway, we have some exciting metrics to share. 

This year’s incoming class includes 162 new undergraduate students joining us from 24 states and 6 countries. Students will be joining us from as far away as Singapore (over 9,000 miles away) and from as close as Boulder, CO. The incoming class includes 63 transfer students, 28 of whom are beginning their junior year in Grand Junction through the Colorado Mesa University Partnership Program. 

An additional 817 students will be returning as continuing Mechanical Engineering undergraduates. Of those students, 295 are seniors who have made it through thousands of hours studying in the Engineering Center, working on projects at the Idea Forge and ITLL, and participating in opportunities like on-campus research and study abroad. If you are a first-year student, we encourage you to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Ask questions, seek advice, and find ways to get involved in the many extraordinary opportunities available to you at CU Boulder! Your first semester of college will undoubtedly bring great things, and we are so excited to see the great things you bring to CU too.