Each day of the course will focus on one topic, or several closely related topics, which will be presented by one or more of the Workshop faculty members. The daily videos should be watched before the tutorial sessions. Students may watch the videos at any time which is convenient to them, as long as it is prior to that day's tutorial session. The videos are publicly available.

Tutorial sessions are conducted using Zoom. Students should download the Zoom client for their preferred device. Links to the tutorial session Zoom meeting will be emailed to registered students.

Registered students are encouraged to use Slack for questions and discussions. Each day has a channel to discuss that topic, and there is also an anonymous question channel, which allows students to ask questions without revealing their identity. There are also other channels on Slack, including #general which can be used for discussion on any topic generally related to genetics or science; #ask-the-admin which should be used for questions about payment and registration; #technical-support which should be used for questions about using the Workshop computing cluster, Zoom, and the videos; and #random which can be used for offtopic and social talk.

Please follow the guidelines for positive, inclusive, and responsible conduct when interacting with students and faculty on Slack, Zoom, or any other venues.

Day 0 Before the start of the course

Introduction to R
Presented by Elizabeth Prom-Wormley

Introduction to the Unix/Linux command line
Presented by Sarah E. Medland

Introduction to Python
Presented by Cotton Seed

Day 1 Monday June 7, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Introduction to genomics, biometric model, technical solutions

Lead Faculty: Benjamin M. Neale

Day 2 Tuesday June 8, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: SEM, study design, phenomics

Lead Faculty: Michael C. Neale

Day 3 Wednesday June 9, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Quality Control and GWAS

Lead Faculty: Lucía Colodro-Conde & Katrina L. Grasby

Day 4 Thursday June 10, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Heritability and GCTA

Lead Faculty: Loïc Yengo

Day 5 Friday June 11, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Meta-analysis and PRS

Lead Faculty: Sarah E. Medland

Day 6 Monday June 14, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: GenomicSEM

Lead Faculty: Michel G. Nivard & Andrew D. Grotzinger

Day 7 Tuesday June 15, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Causal modeling and Mendelian Randomization

Lead Faculty: David M. Evans

Day 8 Wednesday June 16, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Sequencing and Introduction to Hail

Lead Faculty: Kumar Veerapen

Day 9 Thursday June 17, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Rare and SAIGE

Lead Faculty: Wei Zhou

Day 10 Friday June 18, 2021 (GMT)

Topic: Pathway and gene-based analyses

Lead Faculty: Danielle Posthuma

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