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It is necessary for students and faculty to configure their own computing environment to connect to Workshop resources. Collected here is the documentation to assist with this.

If you require technical assistance, please contact Jeff Lessem by email or in the #technical-support channel on the Slack workspace.

The linked documentation includes both text descriptions and short video examples.

Instructions for installing an SSH client and using it to access the Workshop computing cluster, plus RStudio Server.

Access to the Workshop computing cluster will require an SSH client, and access to the RStudio Server will only require a web browser. It is strongly recommended that a desktop or laptop computer is used for this access, as the practicals will make heavy use of the keyboard.

Using Slack at the Workshop.

Slack is an instant messaging and discussion platform that allows real time text conversations between all Workshop participants and faculty.

If you have never used Slack before, all that is required is a web browser.

Asking anonymous questions at the Workshop.

Asking questions anonymously can be done in the Workshop Slack workspace by following the linked directions.