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Whether you're taking the ISG course live, or you just have questions outside of the live workshops, please feel free to post (or answer!) questions to the ISG Workshop Forum. Open 24-7, 365 days a year! If you'd like to follow updates about the ISG workshop, feel free to follow our facebook page.

Below, you will find material that can be used at any time to learn or brush up on statistical genetics topics. 

How to use this page

The lectures and practicals are divided into several broad categories: Theory & background, Twin & family, Common & rare variant association, and Downstream genomic data analysis. Within each category the lectures are grouped into related lectures by a letter, and then put in order by a number. For example, under Theory & background the C1-C4 lectures cover a common topic (introduction to R), and are best watched in order 1-4. Lectures at the beginning of the alphabet (e.g., A, B) tend to be more introductory, and later letters tend to be more advanced/specialized. The "Filter by Topic" selection filter can be used to show only lectures covering the selected topics.