The IBG building under construction.

Breaking ground: Jerry McClearn, Kurt Schlesinger, and Jim Wilson.

IBG Staff and Students
IBG Research Day

At the end of each year IBG hosts a mini-conference where students and trainees present their original research. Afterwards, we celebrate!

Aerial photograph of IBG
fMRI Brain Regions

Studies of executive function look at the genetic basis of brain regions involved in decision making

The Mission of IBG

IBG's mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research and training that examines the nature and origins of individual differences in behavior. Current human research at IBG uses large scale family, twin, adoption, and biobank studies to understand behaviors of societal relevance, such as drug use, cognitive abilities, personality, learning disabilities, and psychopathology. Model organisms are used to study drug-related behaviors, particularly those associate with the use of alcohol and nicotine.

Upcoming IBG Events