Welcome to the IBG community!

IBG is at the forefront of scientific discovery on how genetic and environmental factors work together to influence the myriad differences we observe in the human condition, including addiction, dementia, and psychopathology. We are also a world-class training institute, preparing the next generation of researchers in genetics learn the analytic and research skills they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and international research landscape. 

IBG is actively seeking industry and philanthropic partners to assist us in these endeavors. We need your help in recruiting world-class faculty (e.g., through endowments), funding innovative research studies (e.g., pilot studies that build into larger scale projects), supporting early career scholars (especially international students who, by NIH rules, cannot be funded on our training grants), and hosting events associated with outreach, recruitment, and community building. Our Institute is almost entirely funded by federal research grants. Your donations help tremendously because they can be used in ways we cannot use grant funding.

To help IBG in the ways described above by making a donation, large or small, please visit here.

To discuss how larger gifts, such as endowments, might be used to help IBG grow in innovative and exciting ways, please contact the IBG Director, Matthew Keller.

If you would like to be part of the IBG community and receive announcements and invitations to IBG events, please contact staff member Janna Vannorsdel.