Every March, the Institute for Behavioral Genetics and Director John Hewitt are proud to host the International Behavioral Genetics Workshop. There are two workshops hosted, an Introductory course as well as the Advanced course (held on alternating years).

The introductory course includes: causes of variation; path analysis; univariate twin analysis; biometrical genetics; introduction to R programming; likelihood; matrix algebra; categorical data; between group heterogeneity; multivariate phenotypic factor and genetic analysis; developmental models; power analysis; extended twin designs; responsible conduct of research. Hands-on analysis will be emphasized employing networked notebook computers

The advanced course is intended for those who have attended earlier Boulder workshops and/or who are already familiar with the statistical and genetic principles for studying human complex traits. The course will include: an introduction to statistical and genetic theory, principles of linkage and association analysis, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), copy number variation, and the analysis of genome sequence data. Hands-on analysis will be an integral part of the course and will employ networked notebook computers.

Financial support for this workshop is provided by grant MH19918 from the National Institute of Mental Health.