As a general reminder, there will be ~130 people who have flown in from all over the world in the workshop room for 8 hours each day across the course of the week. With this in mind, we have developed the following policies to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as well as other respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu. These policies apply to all faculty and participants.

These policies include a request to not attend workshop events if you develop COVID or cold/flu symptoms during the workshop (see first point below). This entails a risk that you travel to the workshop but end up not being able to attend some or all of it in person. If you are uncomfortable with this risk, or with any of the other policies below, you have until February 14 to cancel your registration for a full refund (minus the $30 cancellation fee).
  • Feeling unwell or symptomatic: In the event that you feel unwell, develop any symptoms of COVID (muscle aches, fever, cough, other cold/flu symptoms), or test positive for COVID during the week, please do not attend any workshop events until 24 hours after all symptoms have subsided and you have tested negative for COVID. We will provide a zoom simulcast for you to follow the workshop content from your room, if you feel up to it.

  • Testing: A rapid antigen test will be available for pickup at the workshop registration table at the St Julien starting on Sunday, where you will also pick up your workshop bag. We ask that all faculty and participants pick up their workshop bag and COVID test on Sunday. You should then test for COVID (in the comfort of your own room) that evening. We may ask that you test again sometime during the week if we observe a concerning number of COVID cases. We will also have additional tests available if you would like to test yourself during the week.

  • Masking: We are not requiring masking, but do recommend it. We also recommend that you mask at the airport and on your flights prior to arrival, as this will lessen the probability that you fall ill during the workshop. 

  • Vaccination: We strongly encourage participants to obtain a COVID vaccination prior to attending. We will not be checking vaccination documentation, although we do ask you to mask if you have not been vaccinated. 

  • Ventilation: We will attempt to circulate fresh air through the room to every extent possible. We are actively looking into the best ways to accomplish this.

  • Hygiene: We ask participants to engage in consistent hand-washing and to make frequent use of the hand sanitizer and wipes that will be provided by the workshop.

  • Social Events: Drinks for the social events Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday evenings will be served outside. We will have 8 heat lamps set up outside for those who want to remain outside, but bring warm clothing as March evenings can be quite chilly in Boulder. Alternatively, participants may choose to take their drinks inside to the Ballroom Foyer. This should greatly spread people out compared to our usual location (the Ballroom Lobby) and thereby reduce the risk of viral transmission. The Farewell Reception Friday night will still be held in Jill's restaurant, where it can get quite crowded. People should consider their comfort level with the risk that entails, and might choose to not attend, to mask during it, or to not worry about it - all of which are fine!