The 2022 Boulder Statistical Genetic Methods For Human Complex Traits workshop will be held virtually in June 2022. Topics will include: the biometrical model, structural equation modeling, path analysis, maximum likelihood, univariate twin models, sex limitation, GxE interaction, segregation variance, polygenic scores, assumptions in twin models and effects of violating those assumptions, genetic nurture and G-E covariance, multivariate genetic analyses, and longitudinal models. Software will include R, OpenMx, PLINK, and GCTA.

There will be parallel lecture and practical sessions to accommodate different time zones.

The daily schedule will include prerecorded lectures, plenary sessions, practical work, and interactive tutorials. Registered students will need to be able to commit approximately 2 hours per day for watching pre-recorded videos and 3 hours per day for live lecture and practical work for each of the 8 days of the workshop.

Registration is now closed.

Below is a table showing the start times of the A and B sessions for some selected time zones. Each session will run for 3 hours.

  Session A daily start time Session B daily start time Timezone
Los Angeles, USA 06:00 15:00 PDT
Boulder, USA 07:00 16:00 MDT
Boston, USA 09:00 18:00 EDT
São Paulo, Brazil 10:00 19:00 BRT
Corresponding UTC 13:00 22:00 UTC
London, United Kingdom 14:00 23:00 BST
Amsterdam, Netherlands 15:00 00:00 +1 day CEST
Tel Aviv, Israel 16:00 01:00 +1 day IDT
Kolkata, India 18:30 03:30 +1 day IST
Beijing, China 21:00 06:00 +1 day CST
Brisbane, Australia 23:00 08:00 +1 day AEST