This page will describe how to download files from the course, and how to install a local software environment for running the software used at the course.

Downloading practical files

Files are available for browsing and download at

All of the files can be downloaded in a single zip file (50MB).

Participants in the 2022 course were sent an email with a unique link to download their personal files.

Software used at the course

  • R - Information about installing R can be found on the Comprehensive R Archive Network
    • RStudio
      • an integrated development environment for R
      • RStudio desktop can be downloaded from the RStudio website
    • OpenMx
      • an R package that allows fitting a wide variety of statistical models
      • OpenMx can be installed in R by running install.package("OpenMx")
      • OpenMx with the NPSOL optimizer can be installed by following the directions on the OpenMx website
    • Many additional R packages
      • Several other R packages were used
      • If the R script you are using has a line library(somepackage), and then gives an error, then the package needs to be installed
      • This can generally be done by running install.package("somepackage")
      • Pay attention to the difference in quoting between library() (do not quote the package name) and install.package() (do quote the package name)
  • plink
  • gcta
  • PRSice-2