Daily topics are provisional, and may change before the course starts.

Each day of the course will focus on one topic, or several closely related topics, which will be presented by one or more of the Workshop faculty members.

Depending on session and timezone, meetings may be the day after the listed date for some students.

Day 0 Before the start of the course

Students should be familiar with R, be prepared to watch videos, and join remote meetings

Day 1 Monday June 6, 2022

Elizabeth Prom-Wormley and Benjamin M. Neale

OpenMx, Path Analysis, Likelihood, Univariate ACE Model

Day 2 Tuesday June 7, 2022

Brad Verhulst and Katrina L. Grasby

ACE models with pihat, Binary/Ordinal Data, Power

Day 3 Wednesday June 8, 2022

Hermine Maes and Sarah E. Medland

Sex limitation, G×E interaction

Day 4 Thursday June 9, 2022

Matthew C. Keller

Assumptions and biases in biometrical models and extended twin family designs

Day 5 Monday June 13, 2022

Conor Dolan and Dirk Pelt

Multivariate analysis with latent variables

Day 6 Tuesday June 14, 2022

Michael C. Neale and Brad Verhulst

Longitudinal models

Day 7 Wednesday June 15, 2022

Sarah E. Medland and Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne

Polygenic scores and Genomic Relatedness Matrices

Day 8 Thursday June 16, 2022

David M. Evans and Jared V. Balbona

M-GCTA, Trio-GCTA, Parental Effects using PGSs & EEA