The Institute for Behavioral Genetics is strongly committed to creating a program that feels inclusive and supportive for people from all backgrounds and identities.

Our students, faculty, and staff want to help every member of IBG find a support network that feels right for her/him/them. The IBG Diversity Committee advances institute diversity and inclusion efforts. 

At IBG, we are committed to

  • Establishing and supporting diversity, inclusion, cultural competence and equity to maximize the success of all students, staff and faculty;
  • Establishing a welcoming and inclusive environment, and engaging with diverse prospectives;
  • Addressing social climate problems and implementing procedures that aim for policy compliance and equity; and
  • Collaborating with key partners across the university.

IBG Statement in Response to the Buffalo Shooting

ISPG Statement on Racism, Diversity, and Equity

IBANGS Statement on Visa Restrictions

SFN Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

GSA Statement on Racism

Special thanks to the EBIO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group for their help and guidance.