This is a collection of the presentations and files used at the 2021 Workshop. The files are organized by day and presenter. A look at the syllabus is the best way to map topics to days.

By downloading these files, you agree to the following:
  • The data provided in association with the practicals and scripts should not be used as the basis for research or publications. The data may be simulated, and even if based on real data it may have been modified for the purposes of illustrating certain points.
  • There will be no attempt to identify study participants by any means.

Overview of everything

Download everything as a single 2.3GB zip file

The practical information for Day 8, Kumar Veerapan's lesson on sequencing and Hail, is available in the file collection, and on GitHub.

The practical information for Day 9, Wei Zhou's lesson on rare variants and SAIGE, is hosted on GitHub.