Topic: Quality Control and GWAS

Lead Faculty: Lucía Colodro-Conde & Katrina L. Grasby

In these recorded sessions we are going to:

  1. introduce key concepts to understand genetic variation, with a focus on common variation; 

  2. describe the steps to clean the genotyped data, and

  3. explain the basic of genome-wide association studies, together with some considerations of confounders, interpretability, and power.

The corresponding tutorial will include two parts: 

  1. step-by-step exercises on the process of quality control of genotyped data and will include a question to reflect and discuss on a related responsible conduct of research question; 

  2. conduct logistic and linear genome wide association analyses.

Daily lecture, to be watched before the tutorial sessions.

The total duration of the videos in this section is 01:05:07.

The slides are all available in PDF files:

Genetic variation-Part 1
Genetic variation-Part 2
Quality Control
GWAS-Part 1
GWAS-Part 2

The lectures for this day are all in the Quality Control and GWAS playlist

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The individual videos are linked below

Introduction to common variation - Part 1
Introduction to common variation - Part 2
Quality Control
Introduction to GWAS - Part 1
Introduction to GWAS - Part 2
Introduction to plink