1. Log in to MyCUInfo (new students get access in May)
  2. Click on the Financial Aid tab
  3. Click on Accept/Decline Your Financial Aid
  4. Under Aid Year, click on the 2019 link to view 2018-2019 financial aid awards, or click 2018 to view 2017-18 financial aid awards

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Accepting or Declining Aid

  • Grants, work-study and admissions-based scholarships are automatically accepted.
  • Loans (except Parent loans) will need to be accepted if you wish to receive them.
  • Students awarded other CU Boulder Scholarship(s) may need to accept those awards to receive them. Recipients will be emailed with specific instructions.

Calculate How Much You Need

Before accepting any loans, figure out how much you will need for the academic year.

 Estimated Cost
+ Estimated Indirect Costs
Grants & Scholarships
= Remaining Amount

  • Calculate your estimated cost
  • Add your estimated indirect costs from the budget examples
  • Subtract grant & scholarship amounts (available in your portal)
  • The remaining amount is what you will need to cover with loans, personal savings or payments throughout the year

Only Accept What You Need

You may choose to accept all, part or none of the loans offered to you.* We strongly encourage you to only accept the amount of loan that you need. The less you borrow now, the less you will owe after graduation.

Reducing or Cancelling a Loan Amount

* Be sure to include loan origination fees in the amount you choose to borrow if you accept less.

How to View Estimated Expenses

To see a list of your estimated expenses (also known as “cost of attendance”):

  • Log in to MyCUInfo
  • Navigate to the Financial Aid section
  • Click on View Your Estimated Expenses
  • Under Aid Year, click on 2019
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Financial Aid Summary
  • To the right of Estimated Financial Aid Budget, click on the blue number