Assistant Professor
La Salle University

Julie Regan is an assistant professor of Asian religions at La Salle University, where she teaches classes including Buddhism in Asia and Beyond, Tibetan Buddhism, and Yoga, Dharma and Devotion. Her scholarship combines a background in literature and literary arts (Brown University, B.A. and M.F.A.), study with traditional Tibetan teachers, and training in Buddhist studies (Harvard University, Ph.D.) in order to explore the connections between literary and bodily practices of liberation. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to reading a variety of texts, performances and rituals, from early Sanskrit court poetry to contemporary Tibetan works of art, literature, and protest. She is currently completing a book, "The Poetic Path to Awakening: Reading the Buddhist Literary Text as a Form of Practice," based on her translation of the works of Asvaghosa from Sanskrit and Tibetan.