Gedun Rabsal
Senior Lecturer
Indiana University Bloomington

Gedun Rabsal is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Central Eurasian Studies. Born and raised in Amdo, he studied at Tibetan monasteries in Tibet and India. Gedun Rabsal worked as a research fellow at Central University for Tibetan Studies in Sarnath, Varanasi and as editor of the Tibetan language newspaper Tibet Times (Bod kyi dus bab). Gedun Rabsal’s research focus is the history of Tibetan literature and Tibetan language.  Bod kyi rtsom rig gi byung ba brjod pa rab gsal me long (History of Tibetan Literature, 2001) and Rig pa’i khye’u: Dus rabs bcu gsum par tha snyad rig gnas bod la ji ltar slebs pa las ’phros pa’i dpyad rtsom dang gzhan (Birth of the Arts: Writings on the Arrival of the Conventional Fields of Knowledge in Tibet during the Thirteenth Century and Beyond, 2017) are two highlights of his publications. Besides teaching, Gedun Rabsal is undertaking a research project focusing on the Tibetan literature of the 14th century.