Tsadra header for Lotsawa workshop
Offerings at a Tara Shrine

The Lotsawa Translation Workshop will be limited to 24 participants, based on an application process with a proposed translation. We are limiting the number of participants in order to be able to dedicate the afternoons to workshopping translations-in-progress in small groups of 6-8. Each participant will have a 1.5 hour time slot dedicated to their translation. We anticipate the pool of applicants to include junior translators, graduate students with advanced Tibetan language skills, and early career faculty members, including assistant professors and postdoctoral fellows.

To apply, you will need to submit:

  • a statement of purpose: stating your interest in attending the workshop and working on the text you have selected for translation,
  • Tibetan language training: listing your background in Tibetan language, including years and location of study,
  • proposed translation: providing the name of the Tibetan text and its complete bibliographic information,
  • reference for a mentor, language instructor, or advisor: including their name, position, email, and phone number.

Applications are now open and are due on April 15, 2018.


Applications will be reviewed by the organizing committee and applicants will receive notification in May.