Ben Nourse
Assistant Professor
University of Denver

Ben Nourse is assistant professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Denver, where he teaches an assortment of courses on Buddhism and Asian Religions, and a Senior Fellow with the Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography at the Rare Book School. He received a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MA and PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia. He is currently at work on a book-length study of the growth and impact of Tibetan woodblock publishing from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Most of his other projects are related to the history of Buddhist scriptures, including the history of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon (the Kangyur and Tengyur) and a study of the Dunhuang manuscripts of the Heart Sūtra in Chinese and Tibetan. He has been active in promoting the study of Tibetan book history through the hosting of conferences such as The Symposium on the Tibetan Book (University of Virginia, 2014) and Buddhist Book Cultures (University of Denver, 2017) as well as co-editing a forthcoming volume on material approaches to the study of Tibetan books. Ben has lived and conducted research in India, Nepal, and China, including as a Fulbright-Hays Fellow in China. He enjoys translating Tibetan literature and has been working for some time on a translation and study of Könchok Jikmé Wangpo's (Dkon mchog 'jigs med dbang po, 1728-1791) history of the kingdom of Choné (Co ne) found in his catalog to the Choné Tengyur.