Andrew Quintman
Associate Professor
Wesleyan University

Andrew Quintman is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, where he specializes in the Buddhist traditions of Tibet and the Himalaya. His book The Yogin and the Madman: Reading the Biographical Corpus of Tibet’s Great Saint Milarepa (Columbia University Press 2014) won the American Academy of Religion’s 2014 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion, the 2015 Heyman Prize for outstanding scholarship from Yale University, and received honorable mention for the 2016 Association of Asian Studies’ E. Gene Smith Book Prize. His English translation of The Life of Milarepa was published by Penguin Classics in 2010. He is currently writing a history of Drakar Taso Monastery in Tibet’s southern frontier and a study of the Buddha’s life story through Tāranātha's visual and literary materials from Puntsokling Monastery in western Tibet.