Are you ready to become a leader in the emerging quantum economy?

The quantum engineering minor provides a unique overview of one of the fastest-growing technological fields and will help to prepare you for the quantum workforce of today and tomorrow. It is part of a larger campus-wide effort to make quantum theory accessible to non-physics majors and build the state and national quantum workforce.

The quantum engineering minor is open to students from diverse STEM backgrounds, regardless of major or college. If you have completed a programming course, calculus 2 and linear algebra, this minor demystifies quantum physics and will teach you how to approach quantum science and engineering problems.

After taking three core courses, you can take electives from your home college or department to help supplement your quantum education.

Begin by completing three core courses:  

  • ECEN 4915 Foundations of Quantum Engineering: All the background you need for further study of quantum*
  • ECEN 4925 Foundations of Quantum Hardware: Learn about superconductors, atoms and optical hardware used in quantum sensing, communications and computation 
  • CSCI 3090/PHYS 3090 Introduction to Quantum Computing: An introduction to quantum computing and algorithms
    • In development: Quantum Engineering Lab

We also highly recommend PHYS 2130: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Its Applications for its coverage of leading-edge physics and applications. 

Then, choose 9 credit hours of electives from more than 25 options in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry and more.

*Can substitute PHYS 3220 and 4410 Quantum Mechanics 1 & 2.

Full minor requirements

Questions? Please contact faculty co-directors Josh Combes and András Gyenis at