Degrees Offered:

  • Minor
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • PhD

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Sample Curriculum

From designing and creating games, mobile apps, websites, robots, or internet-connected devices of all kinds, to exploring visual communication and design, the transdisciplinary BS in Creative Technology & Design infuses creativity into engineering and technology.

Equal parts production, critique and theory, the Creative Technology & Design degree integrates technical expertise with project-based exploration and a critical and historical understanding of creative and digital technologies. Small studio courses—generally more than 50 percent female—encourage group work and collaboration. The program attracts designers, artists and engineers with unorthodox perspectives and unconventional approaches to technology to predict the future by inventing it through technically-based, creative investigation.

Emerging from the program as a seasoned creative technologist, you’ll be able to move fluidly between engineering, design, creativity and computing. You’ll possess diverse, robust and adaptable skills essential to tomorrow’s workplace, and to solving 21st-century challenges and opportunities. Whether your goal is to start your own business or join a technology company, your broad engineering and design skills, combined with critical creative faculties will enable you to build innovative products and services for people and communities.

BS CTD Degree Program Goals

  • To prepare technologists, designers and artists for existing and emerging careers.
  • To foster creative technology virtuosos and visionaries who are adept at critical problem finding and solving.
  • To equip students with technical, theoretical and historical perspectives to develop new aesthetics, and innovations in creative technology.
  • To explore the intersection of technology with other disciplines and practices.
  • To enable students to think conceptually, critically, and creatively about technology and its impacts upon our world.