In addition to completing the breadth requirement, students enrolled in IST sub-plan must fulfill the following course requirements:

  • Total 30 credits of graduate level approved coursework required
  • Three breadth courses – must earn a B or better grade
  • At least four sub-plan courses – must earn a B or better grade
  • Students may take up to two non-CS approved classes
  • No limit on distance classes

You may count the same course towards breadth and sub-plan requirement. Any non-CS courses under the sub-plan listing does count against your two allowable non-CS classes. Also, due to the interactive nature of IST classes, most IST classes do not have distance section, hence it becomes challenging to complete this sub-plan exclusively online. 

Intelligent Systems Courses

  • CSCI 5254 Convex Optimization
  • CSCI 5302 Advanced Robotics
  • CSCI 5322 Algorithmic Human-Robot Interaction 
  • CSCI 5352 Network Analysis and Modeling
  • CSCI 5502 Data Mining
  • CSCI 5622 Machine Learning
  • CSCI 5673: Distributed Systems
  • CSCI 5722 Computer Vision
  • CSCI 5822 Probabilistic Models of Human and Machine Learning
  • CSCI 5832 Natural Language Processing
  • CSCI 5922 - Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • CSCI 7000: Robot Perception
  • CSCI 7000: Reinforcement Learning
  • CSCI 7000: Physical Human Robot Interaction
  • APPM 8500: Statistics, Optimization, and Machine Learning Seminar