chris anthony

A Film Mogul in Action

Extreme skier Chris Anthony jumps cliffs for Warren Miller Entertainment.

adam bradley

Invisible Manuscript Appears

A professor completes Ralph Ellison's long-awaited second novel.

laurie mathews

Brushing with Destiny

Ask Laurie Mathews how many teeth have been cleaned or filled in her one-room dental clinic on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, and she’ll pull up a spreadsheet and fire off a precise answer — down to the last molar.

howard higman

Dialing for Dignitaries

How a charismatic but controversial man brought the world to campus.

peace corps sign

Giving Peace a Chance

CU alums rank No. 2 in the country in Peace Corps volunteers.



Scientist's Probe Outside the Box

Traditional cancer research often rewards tried-and-true approaches, leaving young scientists who think outside the box empty-handed. Hang “Hubert” Yin, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, hopes his research may change that.

swirl fog design

Syllabus Spotlight: Spring 2010

A featured course from the spring 2010 issue.


The Threat of the Day Keeps the Travelers Away

If you are planning a trip abroad, how do you evaluate if a country is safe?

norlin library 60s

Norlin Gets Facelift for 70th Birthday

The venerable Norlin Library turned 70 years old on Jan. 6.

smart computer

Big Oil In, Big Science Out

Big changes are coming to Boulder County. Big oil is moving in. Big science is moving out.


Buffs Gaze at Celestial Bodies

About 50 students, mostly from aerospace engineering, are working to build a 5-pound spacecraft the size of a loaf of bread that will give scientists a better understanding of solar flares and other so-called space weather.

president obama

DiStefano Visits White House to Stem Shortage

Chancellor DiStefano was front and center on Jan. 6 at the White House when leaders of four research universities presented a letter to President Barack Obama pledging to address the national shortage of science and mathematics teachers.

bruce benson

Advice for Life

Life advice from CU president Bruce D. Benson.

brittany spears basketball

Women Hoopsters Score More

With a couple of freshmen from Colorado providing a lift, the women’s basketball team posted its second-best non-conference record in Kathy McConnell-Miller’s five seasons as CU coach.

buffs logo

Sports Potpourri - Spring 2010

Sports tidbits from the spring 2010 issue.

dan hawkins

Hawkins Humbled by Another Tough Year

Despite the Buffs finishing 3-9, the fourth losing record in Dan Hawkins’ four seasons as CU football coach, university officials decided to retain Hawkins for a fifth season.

barringer mclaughlin

Barringer Runs Off With More Accolades

Jenny Barringer, who set six NCAA records as a senior, was given the inaugural Bowerman award, which recognizes the outstanding collegiate women’s track and field athlete in the nation.

mark simpson

Simpson Honored with Men's Golf Tourney

Men’s golf coach Roy Edwards announced that CU’s new fall invitational tournament has been named in honor of Mark Simpson, the longtime CU coach who passed away in 2005 after battling cancer.

alec burks

Frosh Provides Sparks to Men's Hoops

The men’s basketball team went 8-0 at home during the non-conference season, the Buffs’ best start at the Coors Events Center in 27 years.


Club Sports Report

Club sports recap from the spring 2010 issue.

cu parade

Sea-U Days

In 1956 CU Days became Sea U Days and had a maritime theme.

najeeb jan

Pakistan, Personally

Assistant professor Najeeb Jan of geography moved from the United Kingdom to Pakistan as a teenager, creating experiences that play out today in his classes from “Human and Political Geography” to “Political Islam.”

henry claypool

From the Ski Hill to Capitol Hill

Henry Claypool’s commitment to working on behalf of Americans with disabilities is a deeply personal one.

dee demmon

A Century of Buff Spirit

Elizabeth Graham Demmon’s life has been straight out of a history book. The Boulder resident attended Mapleton Elementary School as a little girl, watched the Boulder Courthouse burn down and attended CU during the Great Depression.

anthony jackson

Jackson Fosters Hope for the Homeless

Anthony works for the Mile High United Way’s Bridging the Gap program and administers Section 8 Family Unification Program housing vouchers.

view of campus black and white

In Memoriam - Spring 2010

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

william baughn

Buff Tribute: William H. Baughn 1918 - 2009

After William H. Baughn died, his family continued to discover hidden achievements of the man who acquired armfuls of accolades, then quietly tucked them out of sight.

open space

Letters - Spring 2010

Letters to the editor from the spring 2010 issue.

panorama snow campus

Breathtaking Backdrop

A photo from the center of the spring 2010 issue.

walk on water

A Walk on Water

A photo from the spring 2010 issue.