illustration about student resilience at CU Boulder

Resilience Realized

During the pandemic, CU Boulder students had to seek strength within themselves. Oftentimes they helped one another find it.

Two tattooed arms

High-Tech Tattoos May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

CU’s Carson Bruns is testing a tattoo ink that’s completely invisible, and could lower the risk of skin cancer.

Megan Patterson teaching children at her preschool

Megan Patterson’s Outdoor Preschool Blends Nature and Education

Worldmind in Denver is Colorado’s first licensed outdoor preschool.

Mars simulation

CU Student Embarks on a Simulated Mars Mission

PhD student Shayna Hume and her crew of “Red Planet People” found out firsthand what life on Mars could be like by spending two weeks inside a simulated mission.

tent in city covered with political posters

How Should We Define Camping?

Environmental and cultural historian Phoebe Young has spent the past 20 years delving into two questions: What does it mean to camp, and why does it matter?

David Ellsworth

Woodturner David Ellsworth Received the Smithsonian Institute’s 2021 Visionary Award

The artist’s work is found in the permanent collections of 44 museums.


art installation

Student Turns Her Apartment Into Pandemic-Themed Art

When COVID hit, Taylor Passios (MediaPro’21) watched the world fall into the same pattern she lives in as a hypochondriac: Feel something, Google it, panic — repeat.

CU’s New Law Dean

CU’s New Law Dean Is Ready for a Bold, New Future

Lolita Buckner Inniss, the first Black dean and second female dean in the law school’s history, discusses student resilience, her research on college history and slavery and the new era of CU Law.

Student in lab studies COVID-19

Mutation-Mapping Tool Could Yield Stronger COVID Boosters and Universal Vaccines

CU Boulder researchers have genetically modified yeast to express the viral spike proteins found on the COVID-19-causing virus, SARS-CoV-2.

Trident bookstore on Pearl St.

Trident Booksellers Was One CU Student’s Respite

Forever Buff Taylor Hirschberg found community and solace on west Pearl Street.

iphone belonging to Jennifer Ho

What’s in Jennifer Ho’s iPhone?

Jennifer Ho, a CU Boulder ethnic studies professor, is a passionate voice in anti-racism conversations at CU and around the world.

Flora Duffy

CU Alum Flora Duffy Wins Bermuda’s First Olympic Gold Medal

The athlete took first place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Triathlon.

Roe Green

News Tidbits From CU Boulder Fall 2021

Alum wins Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, ancient elephant bone tool discoveries, fish fin inspired designs and more.

vintage electrical switch

The Frankenstein Switch of CU’s Old Main

An artifact of CU’s Heritage Center is believed to be one of the switches that sourced power for Old Main.

CU Mascot Chip

Fall Welcome Reignites Campus Life at CU Boulder

In August, Boulder buzzed with energy thanks to the invigorating arrival of CU students.

Ralphie storms field

Ralphie VI Debuts at CU Boulder

The buffalo was donated by CU Boulder alumni.

unidentified flying object

The Condon Report: CU Boulder’s Historic UFO Study

Very few official UFO studies have been conducted, but CU Boulder boasts one of these rare reports.

Forever Buffs arch

Forever Buffs From Day One

Students connecting students to the Alumni Association.

Koenig Alumni Center rental venue in Boulder during a wedding

Alumni Association News Fall 2021

Renovation of the Koenig Alumni Center, CU Night at Zoo Lights and more.

California governor marriage

Colorado Governor and Alum Husband Make History in CU’s Mary Rippon Theatre

Jared Polis and Marlon Reis married on CU Boulder’s campus Sept. 15, 2021.

Chancellor headshot

Chancellor DiStefano on the Student Pandemic Response

Changes caused rapid adaptation, strength and new ideas.

Rachael Fara

Science of the WHOLE Athlete

By collecting data on student-athletes’ workouts, nutrition and even classwork, CU Sport Science Research transforms information into results.

Ellie Gower

Sports News Fall 2021

New Pac-12 Alliance, Ralphie VI and more.

Evan Battey

Evan Battey Is the New Mayor of Boulder

As the men’s basketball’s longest tenured player this season, L.A. born and raised Evan Battey is ready to lead the team.

Dave Curtin

Journalist Dave Curtin’s Journey From a Pulitzer to CU and Beyond

After writing for the CU Boulder Chancellor for 14 years, Curtin is retired.

Michelle Anderson

What It’s Like To Be the Financial Guru for the Sundance Institute

Michelle Anderson is chief financial officer of the Sundance Institute, founded by Robert Redford.

Michelle Chostner

Michelle Chostner Is Seeking Justice

Before being appointed to the bench as a magistrate in August, Michelle Chostner was chief of the country court division in Pueblo County’s 10th Judicial District, and was featured on 20/20 for her work on a homicide case.

Historical image of Varsity Bridge

The Story of CU’s Varsity Bridge

Now a romantic set of sandstone arches over the lake, Varsity Bridge has gone through several transformations over the course of CU’s history.