JILA physicist Jun Ye

JILA physicist Jun Ye wins Breakthrough Prize 

Roe Green

Theatre program receives record-breaking gift from alum Roe Green

Published: Nov. 5, 2021

Alum Wins Breakthrough Prize

JILA physicist Jun Ye (PhDPhys’97) was awarded the 2022 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for his groundbreaking atomic clock research. The optical lattice clock he designed enables precision tests of the laws of nature. His clocks are so precise, they would not gain or lose a second in about 15 billion years. Ye has worked at JILA, a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and CU Boulder, for more than two decades. 

Theatre Program Receives Record-Breaking Gift 

Roe Green (Comm, Thtr’70) gave $5 million to CU Boulder’s theatre program, the largest ever for the Department of Theatre & Dance. The gift will fund an acoustic upgrade for the University Theatre, establish endowed funds for student scholarships and fund events designed to further students’ careers. In recognition of the donation, CU will change the name of University Theatre to the Roe Green Theatre, which is expected to reopen after renovations in fall 2023. 

Fish Fins Inspire New Designs

The long, thin bones in fish fins contain segmented hinges that enable the fins to be flexible and strong. CU Boulder mechanical engineering professor Francois Barthelat and his team are studying the little-researched mechanical benefits of this segmented structure, with the hope that similarly modeled designs could aid in better underwater propulsion systems, new robotic materials and aircraft  design. 

Heard Around Campus 

When people ask you, ‘Why do you like horror?’…they phrase that really carefully. … What they really mean is, ‘Why are you such a weirdo?’”

— CU Boulder English professor of distinction Steven Graham Jones in a CU Boulder Today interview talking about his new horror novel My Heart is a Chainsaw, published by Simon & Schuster.

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