two red apples, one cut in half

The Oldest Apples in Boulder

CU ecologists are tracking down the surviving trees of the Front Range’s all but vanished apple orchards — and priming a renewal.


What Happened to the Teachers?

Colorado's teacher shortage persists. Can CU Boulder help?

Brainy Buffs Illustration

Brainy Buffs

Year after year, two of CU Boulder’s most successful sports teams also perform best in the classroom. How does that happen?


The Lionfish King

A CU alum takes on an invasive fish.

High Tech Fiber

We're All Chameleons Now

Could Laura Devendorf’s high-tech fabrics change the way we express ourselves?

Portrait of Jim Voss in front of his airplanes

Long-Distance Commuter

Jim Voss has been to space five times. He can handle the Houston-to-Boulder commute.

Homepage Pain Photo

Unlearning Pain

Can chronic pain patients think themselves into wellness? An unprecedented brain imaging study aims to find out.


Stefanie Johnson

Workplace Bias 

Stefanie Johnson discusses strategies for mitigating bias, her White House appearance and a joint project with her biologist husband.

Art in Korea

NOW — June 2018

CU art and art history professor George Rivera curated an exhibition of 117 works of art in a museum just outside of the Korean demilitarized zone.


How the Sunflower Got That Way

CU researchers dig deep into the beloved flower’s evolutionary history

Extinction inscription

LOOK Inscriptions

At CU Boulder, wisdom blares across quads from building faces. We've called out eight notable inscriptions and artworks from around campus.

Cold War photo

Alex and Ed

After you met them, you never forgot them.

Nobel Prize

Not All That Glitters Is (Merely) Gold

Sometimes it's also a Nobel Prize medal


Campus News Briefs — Fall 2018

Good news for early risers, Robotics Engineer Barbie and facts about CU's architecture.

Ellison's Ball

Ellison's Ball

On the third floor of Old Main, encased in glass in an exhibition hall chronicling CU Boulder’s distinguished history in space, there’s a football with “Colorado” pressed into the pigskin.


Forever (Young) Buffs

Flat tires won’t keep CU Boulder’s youngest alumni from a good time


Alumni Briefs — Fall 2018

Homecoming Weekend, The Light Shines On and Ralphie's Corral.

sandal art

CU Around — Boulder Creek

Tom Blumenthal was surprised by the number of flip-flops washing up at his house from Boulder Creek. He started collecting them.

Bruce Benson

President's Column — Fall 2018

University of Colorado President Bruce Benson has announced plans to retire next summer. Here he looks ahead.


Engineering a Better Football Helmet

A CU Boulder alumnus puts on his thinking cap

brittany fan

Sports Briefs — Fall 2018

Sports tidbits, Fosom's 500th game and the CU Events Center.

james stefanou

Sports QA — James Stefanou

Australian James Stefanou, a 31-year-old former soccer pro who is the Buffs’ star placekicker, is the oldest active player in big-time college football.

Bill Devo holding Body & Soul book

Klauder's Champion

Famous architect Charles Z. Klauder designed 15 campus buildings. What would he say if he visited today? Retired campus architect Bill Deno has some theories.

Walk across the DMZ

Peace Activist

In May 2015, Christine Ahn traveled to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea for a peace walk to call for a final end to the Korean War.

Boulder Food Rescue cart full of food

Food for Thought

CU Alum Hayden Dansky is the executive director and co-founder of Boulder Food Rescue— the first in a series of affiliated food rescue organizations that have sprouted in cities around the country. To date, the nonprofit has delivered more than 2.4 million pounds of soon-to-be wasted food — primarily fruits and vegetables — directly to people's doorsteps.

Women wearing clothing from Shinesty

10 Startups with CU Ties

The University of Colorado Boulder is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Check out some of the successful startups that came to fruition at CU.


Then — July 29, 1978

Folsom Field hosts the Eagles. The band opened the show with “Hotel California” and concluded with a four-song encore.