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Eric GershonCU Boulder people produce interesting stuff. New stuff. Fun stuff. Mind-bending stuff. Atomic clocks. Storm-chasing drones. Gloves that turn tabletops into pianos.

The university is also a repository for arresting old stuff. A Glenn Miller (A&S ex’26; HonDocHum’84) gold record. Apple computers from 1978. NASA spacesuits. Dinosaur bones.

The university’s Heritage Center and libraries preserve and display a seemingly inexhaustible supply of treasures, including the actual diploma of CU’s first graduate (Henry Drumm, Class of 1882).

An especially poignant example appears on pages 13 and 14: The CU football that astronaut Ellison Onizuka (Aero’69; MS’69; HonDocSci’03) brought with him aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

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Eric Gershon