2019-2020 Graduate Advising Guide

Graduate School Forms

  • Exam Reports
  • Thesis Specifications and Submission Guidelines
  • Transfer of Credit Requests
  • Candidacy Applications
  • Degree Plan Approval Form
  • Request for Letter of Completion
  • Graduation Packets
  • Diploma Card (hard copy in main office only)
  • Final Grade Card (hard copy in main office only)

Purchasing Forms

  • Travel Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Unavailable Documentation Form
  • Official Function Form (events over $500)  

Payroll Forms

  • W-4
  • Personal Information Worksheet
  • Direct Deposit
  • Student Retirement
  • W-2 Reissue Request  


  • RASEI: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute inlcuding information on the Graduate Certificate Program in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • CU AIChE Student Chapter