Design-rich  Core Courses.  Statics for Engineers GEEN 2851 Circuits for Engineers GEEN 3010 Material Science for Engineers GEEN 3024 Thermodynamics for Engineers GEEN 3852 Data Analysis for Engineers GEEN 3853                Aerospace Engineering Architectural Engineering Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering Electrical Enginering Mechanical Engineering                Entrepreneurship CU Teach Engineering Engineering Management Environmental Policy Business Minor +13 Others
 Engineering Projects GEEN 1400   Engineering Projects for the Community GEEN 2400   Invention & Innovation GEEN 3400   Emphasis Capstone Design






The design-rich and flexible Engineering Plus degree is made up of a hands-on e+ Engineering Core, coupled with an e+ Emphasis and e+ Concentration. Gain confidence and professional skills emphasizing leadership, collaboration and communication through multiple team-based design courses. A degree in Engineering Plus prepares you for exciting, diverse and innovative professional careers and for graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines.