Finance Forms

Please complete the appropriate form below and email it to to submit a request. Please use the same address to ask a question or request an in-person meeting. We are located in A125.

Procurement Card Purchase Form - To be completed for each procurement card expense

Travel Authorization Form - Required for all staff, faculty and graduate students, including PIs.

Travel Reimbursement Form - Completed for each trip (each trip should have its own completed form)

Non-Travel Reimbursement Form - Reimbursement that is not travel related, i.e. lab and tech supplies

Missing Documentation Form - For any expense that requires a receipt, but the receipt is missing

*All Concur reports must be processed by ChBE Finance Team*

UCB Procurement Procedures

Any type of report (Travel Reimbursement, Non-Travel Reimbursement, or Pcard) being processed in Concur has mandatory forms that must be completed in order for the report to be approved and in compliance with CU’s procurement standards. These forms can be found here.

Summary of Pcard Procedure

Only certain items are allowed to be charged to a procurement card and any expense charged to a procurement card must be tax exempt or else a tax refund will have to be issued before the expense/report will be approved. Once a Pcard purchase is completed, the Procurement Card Purchase Form at the above link must be completed and have the itemized receipt attached. Once this is done and the form is submitted it will go to the finance team for processing in a monthly Concur Pcard report. Emails to submit Pcard reports will go out mid-month each month. Please wait for this email to submit.

Summary of Travel Procedure

  1. For any travel report regardless of whether or not any expenses are being requested for reimbursement a travel authorization form must be completed and signed off on before travel can be booked.  Students and post docs must have the sponsoring PI sign off on their TA but PI’s do not have to have a supervisors signature. Once the form is completed and you receive the signed off version via docusign from ChBE you may book travel. The TA form is for estimated expenses that will be incurred.
  2. After travel has completed, you will need to complete the Travel reimbursement form with the exact amounts expenses came out to and attach all itemized receipts.  For a travel report to be processed,  we must have a signed TA, reimbursement form, and all receipts provided.

KEY NOTES – Booking Airfare

CU has very strict policies governing internet airfare. Flights should be booked in Concur using Christopherson. If you have found a better rate outside of Concur, please review what is required for this to be reimbursable. We would still recommend talking to ChBE Finance before booking a flight outside of Concur because if this procedure is not followed perfectly, the PSC will not reimburse for the airfare.

Please reach out at with any questions.  We are always available to help this process run smoothly.

FedEx Shipments

All FedEx shipments are now managed digitally.  Please submit a request to providing the following information and you will receive the requested shipment label:

  • Recipient Contact Name
  • Recipient Company Name
  • Recipient Address
  • Phone number for Recipient
  • Declared Value
  • Shipment priority
  • Shipment weight (estimated in pounds)
  • Shipment dimensions (in inches LxWxH)
  • Speedtype to apply this shipment to
  • Confirmation these are not hazardous materials.

*If there is dry ice please provide weight