PhotoNameContact Information
Kristi Anseth Kristi S. Anseth
Distinguished Professor • Tisone Professor • Associate Professor of Surgery • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
(303) 492-3147
Chris Bowman Christopher N. Bowman
Distinguished Professor • Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry • Co-Director of the NSF I/UCRC for Fundamentals and Applications and Photopolymerizations
(303) 492-3247
Stephanie Bryant Stephanie J. Bryant
Professor • Associate Director, Materials Science & Engineering Program
(303) 735-6714
Christopher Calderon Christopher P. Calderon
Assistant Professor Adjunct
Jennifer N. Cha Jennifer N. Cha
(303) 735-6735
Anushree Chatterjee Anushree Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
(303) 735-6586
Rob Davis Robert H. Davis
Tisone Professor • Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering and Applied Science
(303) 492-7314
Janet deGarzia Janet deGrazia
Teaching Professor
(303) 735-4763
John Falconer John L. Falconer
Mel and Virginia Clark Professor • University of Colorado President's Teaching Scholar
(303) 492-8005
Jerome M. Fox Jerome M. Fox
Assistant Professor
(303) 735-3062
Ryan Gill Ryan T. Gill
Wilfred and Caroline Slade Endowed Professor
(303) 492-2627
Douglas Gin Douglas L. Gin
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering • Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
(303) 492-7640
Andrew Goodwin Andrew P. Goodwin
Associate Professor
(303) 492-3573
Hendrik Heinz Hendrik Heinz
Associate Professor
(303) 735-7517
Aaron Holder Aaron M. Holder
Assistant Professor Adjunct • Faculty Scientist, Materials and Chemical Science and Technology Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
(303) 735-0754
Adam Holewinski Adam Holewinski
Assistant Professor • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute Fellow
(303) 492-3153
Christine Hrenya Christine M. Hrenya
(303) 492-7689
Joel Kaar Joel Kaar
Associate Professor • Associate Chair (Graduate Director)
(303) 492-6031
Melissa J. Mahoney Melissa J. Mahoney
Michael McGehee Michael D. McGehee
Professor • Fellow, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI)
Will Medlin J. Will Medlin
Denver Business Challenge Endowed Professor
(303) 492-2418
Charles Musgrave Charles B. Musgrave
Professor • Department Chair
(303) 735-0411
Prashant Nagpal Prashant Nagpal
Assistant Professor
(303) 735-6732
Richard Noble Richard D. Noble
Alfred T. and Betty E. Look Professor
(303) 492-6100
Charlie Nuttelman Charlie Nuttelman
Senior Instructor
(303) 492-2510
Ted Randolph Theodore W. Randolph
Gillespie Professor • Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Co-Director
(303) 492-4776
No photo available Carolyn Schoenbaum
(303) 735-4416
Dan Schwartz Daniel K. Schwartz
Glenn L. Murphy Endowed Professor • Associate Chair
(303) 735-0240
Michael Shirts Michael R. Shirts
Associate Professor
(303) 735-7860
Jeff Stansbury Jeffrey W. Stansbury
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering • Professor of Restorative Dentistry - UCHSC • Biomaterials Research Center UCHSC/UCB, Director
(303) 724-1044
Al Weimer Alan W. Weimer
H.T. Sears Memorial Professor
(303) 492-3759
Timothy J. White Timothy J. White
Professor • Gallogly Professor
(303) 735-8405
No photo available Timothy Whitehead
Associate Professor
Wendy Young Wendy Young
Senior Instructor • Associate Chair
(303) 492-8721