Published: June 22, 2023

Ankur Gupta, an assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, has been invited to deliver the prestigious Dream Chemistry Lecture at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Warsaw, Poland. The honor recognizes the significant contributions of Gupta's young research group, the Laboratory of Interfaces, Flow, and Electrokinetics (LIFE).

The lecture series serves as a platform to "bring to the Institute excellent science carried out by promising researchers at an early career stage," according to the institute's website.

Ankur GuptaGupta's lecture, titled "Effective Kirchhoff’s Laws for Electric-Double-Layer Charging in Porous Media," will be delivered on July 13. His lecture will include recent research findings by his research group, led by graduate student Filipe Henrique and supported by Pawel Zuk, an assistant professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, and graduate student Nathan Jarvey

"In our research, we discovered that since electrolyte transport behaves differently from electron transport, modifications to traditional Kirchhoff's laws are required to simulate electrolyte transport through a network of pores. By gaining a deeper understanding of these phenomena, we can advance the development of electrodes for electrochemical applications," Gupta explained.

Gupta's lecture will also briefly touch upon other recent findings by his group, particularly regarding diffusiophoresis and its applications in fields such as fish patterns, lab-on-a-chip technology and colloidal assembly.

The work of Gupta's research group has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER program and the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (ACS-PRF) DNI grants.

In addition to the Dream Chemistry Lecture, Gupta recently delivered a keynote session at the ACS Colloids conference, highlighting his emerging leadership in the field.


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