Nathan Jarvey is a third-year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Iowa, where he studied the use of functional nanomaterials for supercapacitor applications under Syed Mubeen. He also spent a summer studying the effects of polymer additives in dynamic window electrolytes under Michael McGehee at CU during his undergraduate career. Currently, his focus is on modeling ion transport in electrochemical systems with coupled effects from both reduction-oxidation reactions and electrical double layers. 

He grew up near Green Bay, Wisconsin, and as a result is a fan of Wisconsin and Iowa sports as well as Swansea City AFC from his semester abroad in Swansea during his undergrad. When he isn’t in the lab, you can find him listening to music and/or singing in choral groups, reading and writing science fiction/fantasy stories, playing board games and video games with his friends, or out hiking and photographing wherever beautiful places his legs can carry him.