Our experiences during the COVID-19 global pandemic have taught us that we may need to be more flexible with our class activites – and this may persist after the pandemic subsides. This page describes academic technologies suitable for achieving specific teaching aims via a mix of modalities (synchronous and asynchronous course delivery).

For how-to details on implementing specific technologies in your classroom, visit Teaching Well with Technology.

Activities & technology options

Consider various academic technologies as you design your course in terms of content delivery, communication and assessments. Review academic technology options related to:

Content Delivery
Course Communication

Content Delivery

Academic technology options for flexible course content delivery
Activity Tool


Deliver live lectures (and record with captions for later use) Zoom  Synchronous
Pre-record lectures as videos including slides Zoom, Classroom Capture, Personal Capture Asynchronous
Upload videos to stream to students (include Zoom recordings) Kaltura (Canvas "My Media")  Asynchronous
Record a slide show with narration Zoom, VoiceThread, or PowerPoint Voiceover Asynchronous
Share files with your students Canvas Files or Google Drive Asynchronous
Share a whiteboard session with your students Zoom Whiteboard or document camera Synchronous
Record a podcast to deliver information before class VoiceThread Asynchronous
Embed a video or post a question in a discussion board Canvas Discussions Asynchronous



Academic technology options for flexible course communication
Activity Tool Synchronous/Asynchronous
Communicate updates, changes and other relevant information. Students need to change default Canvas settings so that the announcement is sent to them as an email message. Canvas Announcements Asynchronous
Survey students about their needs, accessibility and current experience in the class. Canvas Ungraded Survey Asynchronous
Communicate information and allow students to respond at any time. Canvas Conversations Asynchronous
Communicate information and allow a live response Zoom Synchronous
Facilitate written discussions among students and instructors Canvas Discussions Asynchronous
Facilitate live discussions among students and instructors Zoom breakout rooms Synchronous
Hold remote office hours  Zoom Asynchronous
Start a group chat to allow casual conversation or student reminders Zoom chat or Canvas chat Either



Academic technology options for flexible assessment
Activity Tool Synchronous/Asynchronous
Collect student submissions online Canvas Assignments Asynchronous
Group work with a Google Doc Zoom breakout rooms Synchronous
Check for understanding with short graded quizzes Canvas Quizzes Asynchronous
Facilitate individual or group student presentations Zoom Synchronous
Grading assignments, exams, problem sets Canvas Speedgrader Asynchronous
Midterm or final exam Canvas Quizzes or Proctorio, but mind considerations Either
Term paper Canvas Assignments Asynchronous
Recorded individual oral presentation Canvas Assignments or Discussions Asynchronous
Portfolios Digication Asynchronous
Group paper Canvas Assignments Either

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