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Assessment in Large Enrollment Classes

Assessment approaches for large classes can become dull and repetitive; however, there are a number of learner-centered approaches to vary your assessments in your large courses.

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

CATs are quick, low-stakes methods used to gauge student learning. 

Early Feedback

Early feedback can be given throughout the first few weeks of the semester.

Five Misconceptions on Writing Feedback

Addresses common misconceptions and offers suggestions for instructors responding to student writing.

Frequent Feedback

Providing timely and quality feedback throughout the semester are key aspects of the teaching and learning dynamic that leads to student success. Timely and engages students in their learning and affirms that instructors care and are paying attention to them.

Online and Remote Exams

Considerations for creating and administering remote exams in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, developed by the CTL, OIT, and other campus partners.


Learn about the use of rubrics in the classroom, including a short video presentation introducing rubrics.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessing student learning outcomes is a process that is best done by faculty in the academic program. Learning outcomes are discipline-specific, and are appropriate to the degree level.