The University of Colorado is pleased to join the CIRTL Network in the Fall of 2022. Our graduate students and postdocs are able to access a host of workshops and courses across the network. The CIRTL Network provides nationally recognized standards for training future faculty and professionals in core pedagogical arenas, such as active learning and inclusive teaching. CIRTL’s formalized structure provides baseline competencies for integrating research, teaching and learning and offers certification in three levels of accomplishment: practitioners, associates, and scholars. 

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar interested in an academic career CIRTL might benefit you! Participation in this nationally recognized program can enhance your practice, not to mention your CV.

Getting Started:

  1. Please go to and register. The account is free and will offer many online courses, workshops, and seminars in the area of teaching and learning.
  2. Follow the CTL Events Page. This way you will know when we have events locally (in person or virtual).
  3. If you think you are going to pursue a certificate, we would really love for you to join our Canvas Community Page. This helps us keep track of interest in CIRTL and helps us track your progress toward certification. Additionally, attendance is tracked on our Attendance Tracking Website
  4. Start participating in local and national cross-network events at! These count towards our CIRTL certificates, so keep track of what you attend.