Learn more about assessment of teaching practices in these pages, including information about: 

Faculty Course Questionaires (FCQs)

Every term, students on the Boulder campus evaluate each of their courses and instructors using a questionnaire called the Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ). The FCQ program is managed within the Office of Data Analytics (ODA) at CU Boulder.

Feedback to Inform Your Teaching

Mid-semester feedback, acquired from students, help instructors improve their teaching practices and the learning that occurs in their courses. 

Making FCQs Work for You

Student course ratings (CU’s FCQ) collect information about students’ experiences in a single course, looking back at one semester. CU Boulder’s new FCQ is designed to better facilitate student feedback and provide faculty with information to identify areas of strength and areas in which they can improve their practice. How can the new FCQ help you in your teaching practice? Taking time to review your scores and comments can guide small changes that can make a big difference. 

Class Feedback

Getting feedback from your students throughout the semester provides you multiple checks on the student experience and helps you determine how to adjust your course to better meet their needs. A two-way communication channel about what is and is not working can help you connect with your students and create a positive classroom climate.