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"Jubilee" was the War Department Service Division (SSD) and Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) program cataloged as series H-11 by SSD to October 1943 and AFRS thereafter. This was an historic series and the recordings of the series preserved in the Glenn Miller Archive (GMA) collections are an important national treasure. "Jubilee" was conceived and programmed to present African-American artists and their music to the armed forces personnel of the United States and allied nations around the world. During the history of the program, eventually other artists were invited to participate, but "Jubilee" is remembered as a showcase for African-American talent. In additional to big bands, small jazz groups and singers, many talented dramatic and comedic performers appeared on "Jubilee." Their performances are featured by the GMA on the weekly Star Spangled Radio Hour produced for KEZW, Denver and streamed online worldwide.   

Program host Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman would often describe "Jubilee" as "Eelibuj."

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Jubilee 1-100
Jubilee 101-200
Jubilee 201-300
Jubile 301-433

A sampling of Jubilee disc labels:

Jubilee Disc Labels

Updated: August 4, 2016



Original source material Rainer E. Lotz and Richard Sherwood Sears
First Edition (1985) Rainer E. Lotz
Second Edition (2005) Carl A. Hällström and Bo F. Scherman
Third Edition (2014) Glenn Miller Archive (Dennis M. Spragg) and Second Edition Authors


Mr. Lotz’ First Edition contained the following acknowledgments, which the GMA respectfully wishes to publish. Some of the contributors are deceased:

It would be difficult to adequately thank all those musicians, researchers, collectors, discographers and enthusiasts whose help and encouragement this book would virtually have been impossible. Special mention must be made to Dr. Ulrich Neuert, who made available his vast Jubilee files. Among others who gave valuable assistance were: Benny H. Aasland (Sweden), Steve Adams (USA), Dan Allen (Canada), Walter C. Allen (USA), Michael Arié (Austria), Trevor H. Benwell (Great Britain), Edward Berger (USA), Sidney J. Bromley (Australia), Denis Brown (Great Britain), Don Brown (USA), Robert Carneal (USA), John Chilton (Great Britain), L. Charles Clavié (France), Ron Clough (Great Britain), Gerhard Conrad (Germany), Anthony B. Cox (Malawi), Jimmy Crawford (Great Britain), Ed Crommelin (Canada), Gordon A. Davies (Great Britain), John R. T. Davies (Great Britain), Georges Debroe (Belgium), Ted De Lay (USA), Milton C. Dickens (USA), Walter Dummer (Germany), Ernie C. Edwards (USA), Otto Flückiger (Switzerland), Neil Fontaine (USA), Mark Gardner (Great Britian), Charles Garrod (USA), Frank Gibson (Great Britain), Herbert Glover (USA), Jeffrey P. Green (Great Britain), Tim Guynon (USA), Robert J. Harlan (USA), Sheldon Harris (USA), A. Harrison (Great Britain), Mike Head (Great Britain), G. Walter Hein (Germany), George W. G. Hulme (Great Britain), Trevor Huyton (Great Britain), Carl A. Hällström (Sweden), Calvin Jackson (Canada), Ken Keating (Australia), Barney Kessel (USA), Fritz Klahre (Germany), Len Kunstadt (USA), Claude Lefévre (France), Arnold Laubich (USA), Jan Lohmann (Denmark), Harry Mackenzie (Scotland), James H. Mc Bath (USA), Bob McCunney (USA), Frederick H. Mc Fadden (USA), Jack Millar (Great Britain), William R. Miner (USA), Bill Ordowski (USA), Siegfried Palmer (Germany), Diethelm Paulussen (Germany), John A. Payne (India), Christopher A. Pirie (Great Britain), Edward F. Polic (USA), Lothar Polomski (Germany), Robert S. Porter (USA), Dieter Salemann (Germany), Gordon Salyer (USA), Bo F. Scherman (Sweden), Walter C. Scott (USA), Richard S. Sears (Abu Dhabi), James R. Smart (USA), Bob Smith (USA), Roland R. Smith (Great Britain), Thomas B. Smith (USA), Klaus Stratemann (Germany), Rolf Stübing (Germany), S. Tucker (USA), Roland van Heeswijk (USA), Malcolm Walker (Great Britain), Malcolm Webb (Great Britain), Bozy White (USA), Keith Williams (USA), Tony Williams (Great Britain).