Artie Shaw Strand Theater 1939




Tommy Dorsey perform in Haines
































Alvino Rey







Harry performing




















The Glenn Miller Collections preserves, enhances and shares a considerable amount of information about an imporant era in American enertainment history. Among dozens of major collections are many thousands of documents, photographs, magazines and, of course, audio recordings. Organizing the resources is a considerable undertaking. The collections have been organized by artis, date and type of program, article or document. Profiles of major artists such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey enhance the minutely detailed catalogs of their recordings and broadcasts. Ultimately the complete Glenn Miller Collections will be cataloged with easy to read volumes spanning bandleaders, radio networks and leading programs. The task of documenting the "big band era" is accomplished with the expert guidance of the many jazz scholars and collectors around the world who have generously offered their assistance. Discover rich American musical legacies:

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