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Ray Noble at the Steel Pier




















In The Mood



















Ink Spots With Glenn Miller
















GM, Mother and Lynn Bari









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Dinah Shore at ABSIE
























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High Wycombe









The Glenn Miller Collections preserves documentation of an important era of American entertainment industry history, where popular, jazz and classical music fused into a national conciousness. With the backdrops of depression, world war and cold war, the worlds of music, broadcasting, stage and film underwent a profound and fairly rapid sociological and technological evolution There are many diverse people and organizations with rich and detailed stories that made up the panorama of the 20th Century entertainment industry. GMC Studies contain descriptions of these successful musicians, their influential organizations and their imprint on American cultural history. As are the comprehensive GMC Resources, the informative GMC Studies are regularly updated. The current library includes:

A String of Pearls
Allied Expeditionary Forces Programme
Armed Forces Radio Service
Glenn Miller's Top 10 Hits
In The Mood
Marvelous Miller Medleys
Radio Recordings
Spotlight Bands
Sun Valley Serenade
Tony Martin
U. S. S. Texas Project
V-Discs Study