Tony Martin at Yale

Tony Martin (center) with Broderick Crawford (left), pioneering CBS radio engineer Marjorie Ochs and Glenn Miller (right).


Singer and movie star Tony Martin (Alvin Morris) (1913-2012) was an important entertainment industry celebrity for many decades. During 1941 Martin was making personal appearances in night clubs, theatres and on stage. He was a regular radio broadcasting fixture, recording artist and he was appearing in motion pictures for M-G-M. Martin was also eligable for the military draft and applied for a commission in the Navy. His application was denied and he enlisted as a Chief Specialist. In 1942 Martin became caught up in a Navy legal matter as a witness and was discharged. He enlisted in the Army and found himself transferred to the Army Air Forces. In short order, he was trasnferred to Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut where he was assigned to the Radio Production Unit commanded by Capt. Glenn Miller. Martin would forge a bond with Miller and went on to serve with distinction in the China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations.

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